Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vang Sreyno (khmer Star)

Posted by vannak
she is a Khmer star- singer and actress, and she likes to wear sexy and short dress on stage.

Vang Sreyno was born in 1987 in a family of nine - 4 sisters, 3 brothers and her parents. She is the sixth child in the family. Her father’s name is Chhouen Vang and her mother’s name is Bin Sichan. They both live in Cambodia. She is the only child who is into the Khmer entertainment. She left school when she was at 11th grade at the age of 15 to explore her career in Khmer entertainment industry. Though she is not famous as a singer, she is seen singing for a long time in addition to her acting and dancing. 

Vang Sreyno started working as a singer and dancer for many Karaoke production companies such as Pras Vihea, Morodok, KH Promotion, etc. However, she was not widely recognized until she played the two movies: Chrus Sne Peach Nil (Loving Peach Nil Valley) and Phoum Makrus Chom Lek (Strange Mansion). Then more and more people began to know her. A big milestone of her career journey was her controversial sex scene with Leng Bun Lo in a movie called Monus Ru Khmoch (Human or Ghost). The movie was removed by the Department of Media and Culture. It was prohibited from distribution and showing in Cambodia. Part of the movie, Vang Sreyno was showed topless from the back. Some Cambodian people criticized her for defaming Khmer traditions and women.

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